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Editors Picks

Eskimo Aleut Language Family

The Eskimo-Aleut family consists of a continuum of languages/dialects spoken by close to 150,000 people who live in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and in an area stretching along the Aleutian Islands into Siberia. It is one of the most geographically spread language families in the world. The name Inuit means ‘men.’ Eskimo is a derogatory word in Algonquian which means ‘eater of raw flesh’. It is ...Full Article

Dravidian Language Family

The Dravidian language family is one of the largest language families in the world. The vast majority of linguists believe that the Dravidian language family is completely unrelated to ...Full Article

Creole Languages

When groups of people speaking different languages come together and intermix, a common improvised second language, called a pidgin, occasionally develops. It allows speakers of two or more non-intelligible native ...Full Article

Constructed Languages

Artificial, otherwise also known as constructed, planned, or auxiliary, languages are those languages whose phonology, grammar, and vocabulary have been intentionally constructed by people, rather than having developed naturally over an extended period ...Full Article

Caucasian Language Families

The Ibero-Caucasian language family is one of the several language families spoken in the Caucasus Mountains, a narrow land bridge between the Black and the Caspian seas, home to one of the highest concentrations ...Full Article

Austronesian Language Family

The Austronesian language family stretches halfway around the world, covering a wide geographic area from Madagascar to Easter Island, and from Taiwan and Hawai’i to New Zealand. The family includes most of the languages spoken ...Full Article

Austro-Asiatic Language Family

The Austro-Asiatic language family consists of 169 languages spoken in Southeast Asia, in countries located between China and Indonesia. A few are spoken to the west of this area ...Full Article

Turkic Branch

Turkic languages constitute a branch of the Altaic language family. They are a group of closely related languages spoken by people spread across a vast area from Eastern Europe to Siberia and ...Full Article

Tungusic Languages

Tungusic (Manchu-Tungus) languages belong to the Altaic family together with the Turkic and Mongolian language groups, and possibly with Korean and Japanese. They spoken by fewer than 80,000 people scattered across a vast region of central and eastern ...Full Article

Algic Language Family

The Algic language family is one of the largest indigenous language families of North America. It consists of 44 languages, the overwhelming majority of which (42 languages) belong to ...Full Article
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