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Tok Pisin

Tok Pisin (from tok ‘talk’ + pisin ‘pidgin’) is an English-based creole spoken by 122,000 people as a first language and by 4 million people as a second language primarily in the northern part of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is also known as Pisin, Pidgin, Neomelanesian, New Guinea Pidgin English, and Melanesian English (Ethnologue). When laborers from the Pacific islands who spoke many different languages worked ...Full Article


Tigrinya (Tigrinya, Tigray, Tigriññā, ትግርኛ) is a member of the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. It is closely related to Amharic,Tigré and Ge’ez, an extinct language that is still used in religious practice. It is distantly ...Full Article

Tibetic languages

Tibetic languages are comprised of a group of mutually unintelligible languages spoken by Tibetan people in eastern Central Asia. The areas where Tibetic languages are spoken include the Tibet Autonomous ...Full Article


Thai (also known as Central Tai, Siamese, Standard Thai, Thaiklang) is a member of the Southwestern branch of the Tai-Kadai language family.The word thai means ‘free’ in the Thai language. Its closest relatives are Lao, Shan, and Southern ...Full Article


  Telugu (తెలుగు) belongs to the South Central branch of the Dravidian language family. It is spoken as a first language by 74 million people as a first language and by 5 million people ...Full Article


Tamil (தமிழ்) belongs to the Southern branch of the Dravidian language family, spoken in southern India and northeastern Sri Lanka from prehistoric times. It is spoken as a native language by 61.5 million people in India, ...Full Article


Tajiki, or Tajik, (Зaбoни тoҷики), is a member of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. It is the name for Persian in Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia, where it is spoken by slightly ...Full Article


Tagalog (Filipino) belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family. The name of the language is derived from tagá-ílog, from tagá– ‘native’+ ílog ‘river’ It is spoken by 21.5 million people as a first language and ...Full Article


Tachelhit (Shilha, Soussiya, Southern Shilha, Susiya, Tachilhit, Tashelheyt, Tashelhit, Tashilheet, Tashlhiyt, Tasoussit) belongs to the Northern Berber group of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Tachelhit is the Berber name of the language, while Shilha ...Full Article


Swedish (Svenska) belongs to the East Scandinavian group of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. It is primarily spoken in Sweden, but also spoken in Canada, Estonia, Finland, Norway, United ...Full Article
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