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Mayan Language Family

The Mayan language family is a group of 69 related languages spoken by some 6 million people in Central America. These languages are thought to have originated from a common ancestral language called Proto-Mayan which was spoken at least 5,000 years ago by inhabitants of the Mayan empire whose remains can be found throughout much of Guatemala,Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and southern Mexico. The empire flourished for ...Full Article


Yucatec (Yucatán) Maya belongs to the Yucatecan branch of the Mayan language family. It is spoken in Mexico in the states of Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo. There are also speakers of Yucatán Maya in ...Full Article


K’iche’, also spelled Quiché, is a member of the Quichean branch of the Mayan language family. It is spoken in the central highlands of Guatemala (Ethnologue). K’iche’ is believed to have originated ...Full Article