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Mende (Mɛnde yia), also known as Boumpe, Hulo, Kossa, and Kosso, belongs to the Southwestern group of the Mande branch of the Niger-Congo language family. It is spoken by about 1.48 million people primarily in southern Sierra Leone and by some 20,000 people in neighboring Liberia (Ethnologue).  Its closest relatives are Loko, spoken in Sierra Leone, and Bandi, spoken in Liberia. The official language of Sierra Leone is English. Mende is ...Full Article

Niger-Congo Language Family

The Niger-Congo language family is one of the largest language families in the world and the largest one in Africa in terms of its geographical spread across most of ...Full Article


 Bamanankan, also known as Bambara and Bamanakan, is a member of the Mande group of the Niger-Congo language family. It is spoken by 4 million people as a first language and by another 10 million ...Full Article