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Nilo-Saharan Language Family

The Nilo-Saharan language family includes 204 extremely diverse languages spoken by roughly 35 million people in the interior of northern Africa, including the greater Nile basin and its tributaries, as well as the central region of the Sahara desert. Scholars have argued for over 100 years about the best way to classify Nilo-Saharan languages. Today, many accept the genetic unity of the Nilo-Saharan ...Full Article


Dholuo, or Luo, belongs to the Luo-Acholi group of the Nilo-Saharan language family. Dholuo is mutually intelligible with Acholi and Lango. It is spoken by 4,044,000 in Kenya (2009 census). Population total all countries is estimated at 4,184,000 (Ethnologue). Dholuo ...Full Article