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Chinese Branch

Chinese languages/dialects constitute an independent branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. About one-fourth of the world’s population speaks some variety of Chinese as their native language. By the sheer number of its speakers, the antiquity of its unbroken documented written history, its cultural significance, and its influence on other languages, Chinese is one of the most important languages in the ...Full Article

Sino-Tibetan Language Family

The Sino-Tibetan language family is one of the largest in the world. It is second only to the Indo-European language family in terms of number of speakers. The family consists of ...Full Article


The Yuè dialects, also known as Cantonese (Guăngdōnghuà), are one of the major dialect groups of China. They are spoken by 52 million people in the province of Guăngdōng and in the ...Full Article

Mandarin (Chinese)

Mandarin (pŭtōnghuà, guóyŭ, huáyŭ) is the most widely spoken of all Chinese dialects spoken as a first language in a vast area of northern and southwestern mainland China. There is ...Full Article