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Language Careers 

   Foreign language as an advantage

The list of careers in which knowledge of a foreign language in the U.S. is either an asset or a requirement is very long. Below are some examples:

General online resources for language-related careers
Online resources for language-related careers in the U.S. Government

4 Responses to Language Careers

  1. Linde Bartram

    Dear Author, thank you for some very good information. The only criticism I have after reading just a brief outline of Indo – European languages is that under German you do not mention AUSTRIA as the other country speaking that language. Switzerland being the third, albeit shared with French, Italian and Romance.
    Best regards, Linde

    • Irene Thompson

      Thank you for pointing this oversight.

    • Irene Thompson

      We mention that German is the official language of Austria on our German page. Where did you find the omission?

      • Irene Thompson

        Thank you. We incorporated your suggestions.


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