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Our Company

The Technology Development Group is headquartered in Leesburg, VA. Since its inception in 2003, the company has steadfastly focused on maximizing the use of emerging IT technologies for the direct benefit of our customers  intelligence practices.  Our clients include both Government and Private Sector.

TD GroupWe are a full service technology firm offering software solutions, product development, consulting and managed services.   We pride ourselves on not reinventing the wheel.  By taking the time up front to understand the requirements at hand vs. technology gaps, we help our customers leverage existing capabilities so that we can focus on the hard parts of the engagement.

We focus on the technologies addressing multimedia ( audio, video and text ) collection, exploitation, analysis and sharing.  Our engineers understand the complex issues involved in developing and hosting large scale enterprise software systems.  Our portfolio includes:

   Workflow Management

We train and develop using an open framework that combines browser based applications with intelligent web services.

    • Training and Course Catalog Management
    • Crowdsourcing Task Management Platform
    • Audio, Video and Text Storage and Management
    • Web Application Service Integration and Frameworks
    • Real-time cross-platform collaboration and data sharing
    • Development and integration of mobile, distributed and proprietary clients

   Language Processing

We provide human and machine approaches to processing English and foreign language information from video, audio, and textual data

    • Speech Recognition
    • Translation- human and machine
    • Transcription
    • Terminology Management
    • Pattern/Phrase/Name Recognition

   Semantic Search

We apply statistical and rule-based techniques to find novel and useful patterns in data

   Managed Services

We have partnered with the leading World-class data centers to deliver management services that provide security, availability, and performance for our hosted applications and customers.

    • Managed routers
    • Managed firewalls
    • Server monitoring
    • Managed storage
    • Data backup and restoration
    • Virtualization