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What is the best language :-) 


Obviously, this is completely subjective…but we would like to hear your thoughts on which languages are at the top and why!

8 Responses to What is the best language :-)

  1. Christoff Breed

    The best language will be the one to translate the most effective for the individual … English explains things over complicate tetly ..Afrikaans as far as i can tell is the simples form of language with unlimited potential of describing any topic with ease in the most logical and understandable way … All Afrikaans speakers understand more than multiple langue es and are able to make sense of almost anything with a simple explanation and easy execution . Afrikaaners also tend to speak the best and clearest english as they are always understood unlike the rest including the English Afrikaans words are also beutifly simplified and easily understood by all … In South africa where all cultures are present with there own languages the majority still also understands Afrikaans as it is a logicaly powerfully beautifull yet stil with potential of vast confusion langaue/taal . Wat it does to the individual though is grants them with the ability to make sense of just about any concept in an easy maner unlike english , and from there on the potential to understand all other langue es unlike english wich even though poses the potential to also almost explain just about all but confuses the individual to a point where other langue becomes a problem to understand … Afrikaans is maklik en als maak sin die woorde is reg en die verduidelikinks davan tog so besonders . An almal en als goed gaan en voorspoed .

    • Irene Thompson

      All languages serve their linguistic communities equally well. It is the prerogative of individuals to feel that their language is superior to other languages they have been exposed to. It is a matter of opinion, however, not a fact.

  2. pilje

    Because my mother tongue is Serbian, and speak and write English, I know German and French languages, I think the Serbian language is the best language to use in terms of clarity, brevity of writing, usefulness, in computer terminology, etc. We have a rule that says, write as you speak, read out what is written. So, no extra letters, words, either in speech or in spelling. Each letter or word is clearly pronounced, there is no double meaning. Used in combat technique, in tanks, for voice commands, where the computer clearly recognizes 99% of the spoken word, and is recognized as such by military experts from the USA. On the other hand, it is very subtle richness of vocabulary, and it is possible a word used instead of complex sentences used in the other languages.

    • Irene Thompson

      Most people feel like you about their native languages. This makes all languages pretty equal, doesn’t it?

  3. mataripis

    the best language outside my homeland is English. The fact that it is a global language, we can communicate effectively in any places. The native language of every nation is considered the best while staying in your own country because it is our/your native language!

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  5. renato

    f we think in language families, maybe we would find better what is/are the best. I’m Brazilian my language is Portuguese, but among the Romance languages Portuguese is the stringest in pronounce for the nasal sounds- French is the most beautiful in sound bur harder to write because it differs from written “beaucoup/ bocu/ Romanian is a distant cousin; Spanish and Italian the easiest; In Germanic languages Dutch is the harderst in sound, Icelandic the distant cousin, Danish is the hot potatoe in mouth, Swedish and Norwegian the easiest and German hard for the words, most very different from the family, and English is English; I don’t know much about Cyrilic, Turkic, but I believe the same happens. It seems in Semitic Aramaic is like French (soft and beautiful to hear) but this family has a problem, each language is written with one alphabet Arabic, Amharic, Hebrew

    • Irene Thompson

      Interesting personal opinions, but less to do with reality but more on fantasy.


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