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What language has the best writing system? 

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12 Responses to What language has the best writing system?

  1. ruby

    I think Korean has the best writing system because it is very simple to read and to write and it doesn’t take long to learn the Korean writing system.

    • Irene Thompson

      “Best” is a value judgment. But you are right about the Korean writing system. It is not hard to learn.

  2. Christo Tamarin

    Please consider Turkish. The modern Turkish writing system is the best, perhaps.

    • Irene Thompson

      There is no such thing as “the best writing system”. This is a pointless discussion. It is more productive to discuss criteria by which writing systems can be judged.

  3. Joe Folsom

    I think that all writing systems are equally interesting. Each one has a beauty of its own. It’s also very interesting that like languages themselves, writing systems also evolve, although their families are much less diverse; most present-day writing systems come from either Egyptian Hieroglyphics, or The Oracle Bone Script, whereas I can name dozens of language families. I think Thai has a very cool system with all their little circles and what not, although I’ve heard it’s very hard to learn. Korean is plain and very simple, making it an easy-to-learn system. Japanese systems are very complex, as they use three. Chinese looks cool, I guess. Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Armenian alphabets, I’m not a huge fan of, but at least they’re father simple. Georgian is cool with their hoops and loops. Hindi and other Indo-Iranian scripts are really nice with the line at the top. And last but not least, my favorite, the Arabic Abjad. It’s very hard to read, if you’re not a native speaker, but aside from that it’s very beautiful and unique looking. I absolutely love the calligraphy brought about from their culture. It’s gorgeous.

    • Irene Thompson

      Very nice comment. Thank you. Apart from the variety and visual appearance of writing systems, we can also judge them on the simplicity, adequqcy, and elegance with which they represent the units of the spoken languages for which they were designed.

  4. zz

    Maybe not the best, but one of the easiest have Serbian-one letter one sound.

    • Irene Thompson

      Your statement is based on opinion, not established linguistic facts about the relationship between alphabets and sound systems.

  5. Ralph

    Serbian for sure. As I know there are also languages with very similar system such as Georgian, Slovak etc. and there are probably much more but better than it just can’t be. English is one of the worst in that.

    • Irene Thompson

      As I said earlier, this discussion is pointless if you don’t agree on criteria for judgment.

  6. Fanny Lee

    A very subjective matter. As a Chinese person I would of course say the Chinese language is the best writing system as the characters unify the meanings according all different dialects… The Korean people also have their points about Korean being the best. Dear Irene, this could easily become a topic of disputes… ūüôā

    • Irene Thompson

      Its a pointless discussion since the word “best” is not defined.


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